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Featured New Stones Available
Browse the latest new stones just arrived at Carved Graphics for you to memorialize your beloved pets.
Muffin - 5x7 Irregulary Shaped Bluestone Pet Memorial
5x7 Irregularly Shaped Bluestone
Kitty - 4.5 x 3 Garden Stone Pet Memorial
4.5 x 3 Garden Stone Pet Memorial
Fred - 7" x 8" Irregularly Shaped Garden Stone
7" x 8" Irregularly Shaped Garden Stone
Quick Notes from Jim...

Welcome to! We have some recent additions to our gallery of pet memorials that I’d love for you to check out. We have wonderful customers to thank for helping us come up with new pet memorial creations and new ways of honoring our beloved pets. It wasn't so long ago that we had just one pet tombstone to offer. We have many pet memorials to offer and we're always working on creating new pet memorials. As we expand and create, we will continue to update our pet memorial website on a more routine basis.

Our signs have also been very successful. In the past year we have completed signs for the military, churches, colleges, farms, pubs, bookstores as well as private residences. We have incorporated more artwork this year on our signs than ever before, making more custom designed signs which generate a lot of attention for our clients. We have found that a sign is most important as the initial link between an establishment and the public.

We now have a Facebook page! So take a look and ‘like’ us!

The items you see on the website are not ‘set in stone’ (pun intended) so please feel free to contact me directly by email signs [at] if you have any specific requests!

~ Jim Hess, Owner of Carved Graphics, Inc.

We create custom garden stones, pet memorials, and custom 
signs for your home or commercial business as you specify. 
If you don't see it on our website...just ask!

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